Tasso Lake Heating Solutions Inc. is a company focused on offering choices for the most efficient heating solutions for our customers. Our primary business is the sales and service of Daikin High Efficiency Furnaces, Viessmann High Efficiency Boilers and Polar High Efficiency Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces. As a gas and propane service company we can cater to all of our customers needs, whether they be central heating or gas/propane appliances such as fireplaces, ranges or hot water systems.

As a Primo dealer we can offer any model for you to choose from. Featuring a patented oval shape to give you flexibility and unique accessories. Whichever Primo you choose, you'll feel confident having the ability to cook a wide variety of foods that all have an unbeatable taste! Grill to perfection, smoke while maintaining a consistent low temperature or high temperature, and get even heat across the entire surface of the grill. Backed by a 20 year Primo warranty.

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Safety and Maintenance

Primo Cookers and Smokers are the best on the market. No matter how good a product is, there are still things you need to be cautious about. Watch and learn.

Primo Accessories

The versatility of the Primo cooker is unprecedented. Learn about the wide selection of accessories available to maximize your cooking experience.

Your Primo: 1st Time Use

So how do you start using your new Primo? Watch and learn how easy it is to start up your cooker and to set the desred temperature. It's remarkably easy!


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Polar Furnace

Crown Verity


Primo Grills and Smokers

Primo Grills and Smokers

Tasso Lake Heating Solutions in Muskoka

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About Tasso Lake Heating

We are your local dealer for efficient heating and cooling solutions serving Muskoka including Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, Burks Falls, Sundridge and surrounding areas. At Tasso Lake Heating Solutions, we believe in employee and customer satisfaction. Not all heating contractors are equal. Let us show you the difference.

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